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Jane’s F/A-18 Hornet

Apparently this sim is the best Hornet sim ever made, despite the outdated graphics. I might have to check it out. Warthog’s site is a mine of information and files for it.

another collective example

Spitfire9 from Hovercontrol has built a collective from PVC, as I plan to. Check out his basic HOWTO.

the tiger

These are the best ref pics I could find of the Tiger pit. If you know of any better ones, please send them through!
the pilot/commander’s station
tiger_gunner (10k image)
the gunner’s pit
tiger_gunner (10k image)

very nice pic

The F/A-18E/F Cockpit. Tasty.
fa-18-ef-cockpit-sm (46k image)

yet more links

A good source of info about US military aircraft

construction begins…

Behold my glamourous assistant “Iroquois” bearing the first parts of the ACESII, the seat sides.
pitSeatSides01 (17k image)
Lessons learned: Use the jigsaw outside as sawdust goes all over the garage. Double check lines before you cut them. Don’t use reciprocating jigsaw mode when accurate cuts are required.
However, it all turned out nicely!

brisbane laser engraving

These guys might be useful when it comes time to engrave my instrument consoles.

huey panel

I found an old photo of the Huey panel in my archives at home and scanned it – might be useful for someone:
{{popup hueyPanel.jpg hueyPanel 1470×751}}UH-1 Panel

ultimte pedals reference pics

Not sure which aircraft these are from, but it’s definitely a helo and by the looks of it a military one, with wheelbrakes. Behold the model for my pedals. Enormous thanks to a very decent chap at Hovercontrol for these. (enable popups to view).
{{popup pedals2.JPG pedals2 1024×768}}view from the business end
{{popup pedals1.JPG pedals1 1024×768}}maintenance view

even more links

Some interesting HOWTOs at
The Hybrid Flightsim Builders’ Registry, a potentially lucrative source of inspiration from actual projects.
Some interesting uses of terminal blocks and brake cables, if not exemplary spelling.

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