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the SaBoTeuR module

Following on from my success with the SNUPS, I am now beginning the next project, codename SaBoTeuR: The Skanky Beverage Temperature Regulator. Physical plans are {{popup SaBoTeuR_20050413.jpg SaBoTeuR_20050413 657×447}}here, and check {{popup SaBoTeuR_schematic_v1a_2005.gif SaBoTeuR_schematic_v1a_2005 944×524}}here for the first draft schematic.
Originally inspired by this image from a very talented Lightwave artist on ViperPit – thanks Jagstang.
A couple of electrical concerns are spillages and condensation. I think I should really carefully address those as the pelt draws up to 15A.

max pit

I’ve been updating my Max model of the pit. This is used to make sure everything will fit in the allotted space – measure twice, cut once as they say. This is the current status (click for a larger version).
The standby instrument cluster in the centre there is reserved for some SimKits instruments – an AI, ASI, Altimeter and DG. Hopefully FO will support SimKits instruments.
{{popup pit_max_20050413_03.gif pit_max_20050413_03 1183×874}}pit_max_20050413_th (11k image)

the SNUPS – finished!

After a marathon session tonight, I finished the SNUPS. It worked first time, would you believe it, and I haven’t yet blown the circuit breakers in the house.
it’s alive!!!! muahahaha
SNUPS_20050408 (101k image)
Here is a video of the SNUPS in action. (5318k .MPG). It looks much better in the dark, but even so it looks pretty cool.

another SNUPdate

Ha. Ha.
Anyhoo, I’ve finished now the decade stage, so all that’s left is the logic stage and the LED driver stage. The logic is pretty simple but unfortunately a) I could only find DIP16 boolean AND and OR gates, so I’m only using 2 of the 4 gates on each which is a bit of a waste of space and chips and b) because of the big chips and limited space I had to mount one vertically, which is causing no end of trouble in separating the signals between the pins in the vertical row. The left hand row is fine because they are all GND pins, but the right hand side has to have the copper trace removed in between each pin whilst preserving most of the trace for soldering. Nightmare. Anyway, that’s a job for later. Probably with my dremel.
the SNUPS with the decade counters wired and working
snups_20050406 (45k image)
I also figured out a cool way of referring to the reversed circuit diagram when working on the copper side of the board. I taped the circuit diagram to the side of my screen so flipped out to the left I see the normal diagram but flipped reversed over the screen (with a plain white Word document lighting up the screen) I have a nice reversed lightbox mirror image. Cool.
skanky lightbox
lightbox_20050406 (19k image)

another source for electronics

Some of the talented people on ViperPit use Mouser Electronics as a supplier. I’ve ordered their catalogue, they seem to have a good selection of switches.


Haha. OK, here it is, timing stage working perfectly so far.
SNUPS_20050403 (53k image)

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