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I made a nice little OCA TE in F4 to practice multiple-release-pulse CCRP with Durandals. The results are as follows:
A little right of centreline, but a good start
CCRP_20050530 (62k image)

the ACESII takes shape

It all fits together nicely. I have added 2 45×90 pine struts at the base to strengthen it and will soon be trying to figure out how to mount the back to the base so that inflight stresses won’t break it. Maybe a strut at the rear. My vibrating chair cushion can be seen in the first pic, the naked structure with built-in subwoofer in the second.
mmm, cushiony
aces_20050529_1 (92k image)
mmm, bassy
aces_20050529_2 (96k image)

wondering what all those switches in an F-16 do?

Check here.

good photo site


Cut the curves into the side pieces for the seat back today. I cut both at the same time to make sure the curves matched.
mmmm… curvy
20050525_acesSides (65k image)
It fits together nicely. I think I’ll use some 45×90 pine offcuts to brace the corners and add some strength, as well as giving the base attachment bolts something to grip onto other than 12mm ply. I’ll probably also need some 90 degree angle brackets.
a perfect fit
20050525_acesSeat (34k image)

FS2004 stuff for sale

Hi all, I thought I’d offer this lot to my regulars before it goes on ebay. It is:
- MS Flight Sim 2004
- Traffic 2004 for FS2004 (realistic ATC and 170,000 sheduled RPT flights)
- Carrier Operations for FS2002/4 (Hornet/Tomcat/Harrier/Sea Knight/Hawkeye and the USS George Washington with working cats and cables)
- British Airports Southeast England for FS2004 (high detail modelling of all airports around London)
- VFR Photographic Scenery East and Southeast England for FS2004 (hi res terrain textures for the area around London)
- FS Terrain for FS2004 (38m terrain mesh covering all USA plus most of Europe)
What did it cost me? I think about 190 british pounds all up when I was living in the UK. At the current exchange rate, that’s about AU $475.
Why am I selling it? I don’t get a lot of time to fly FS2004 and when I do I fly local flights around Australia. I have another original copy of FS2004 which I’m keeping.
What will it cost you? AU$100 by bank cheque or money order including free postage to anywhere in Australia.
Email me at james[at] if you’re interested. If I’ve no firm interest by Sunday, I’ll put it on eBay.

more pit progress

I cut out the major parts for the seat back today. Still have to cut the curves on the back and trim a couple of the smaller pieces, but it’s close to being ready to assemble.
20050523_pitparts (40k image)

pit base complete (mostly)

I finished the pit base today – well, mostly. I still want to paint it and I think it will need some more struts under areas of major weight as the 12mm ply flexes a bit when I stand on it, and it needs some carry handles and the other sheet of ply to complete the box, but OTHER THAN THAT it’s finished :)
over-engineered – so what? :P
pitbase_complete_under_2005 (50k image)
next stop – the ACESII
pitbase_complete_top_200505 (45k image)
The workshop starting to take shape
workshop_20050518 (56k image)

the beginnings of the base

Construction of the base has begun. 90x45mm structural pine and 12mm ply, all-in-all 1200 wide by 2000 long by 124mm high (when it’s sheeted both sides for strength).
pitbase_20050510_01 (70k image)
pitbase_20050510_02 (35k image)

the workshop

Well as we’re almost settled into the new house now, I thought I’d post a shot of the workshop. I managed to negotiate half the double garage for a workshop/pit room, which is very cool. Thats the space for the pit on the left, with the raw materials for the 1200×2000 base which I’m building starting today. It’s a great space and one that I plan to spend a good deal of time in as I build the pit.
{{popup 20050509_workshop01.jpg 20050509_workshop01 1024×768}}Check it out here.

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