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left switch/throttle console plans

Here are… the plans for the left switch/throttle console! I’ve made the top aluminium switch panels and the plywood sides semi-transparent so that you can see the structure. The X52 HOTAS throttle base (represented by the blue box) is sunk into the panel and the large cutout behind that is the space for my future collective.
click for large version
{{popup leftconsole_lg.jpg leftconsole_lg 1085×884}}leftconsole_sm (37k image)

exotic bombing

Burnzoire and I tried out my VAAF_F4AF_TRG_A2G_EXOTICS01 training mission tonight. It was a superb session and I logged about 2.0 day doing LGB, offset popups, DTOS and loft deliveries. Screenies:
my wingman Burnz
wingman (39k image)
Burnz commencing his offset at the VIP…
pop1 (42k image)
climbing to the VRP…
pop2 (42k image)
roll and pull…
pop3 (55k image)
pop4 (48k image)
refuelling at STPT6
refuel (33k image)

friday night’s mission


latest look

Here’s what the pit looks like as of today. Click for the large version:
really needs those side consoles eh
{{popup pit_20051020_lg.jpg pit_20051020_lg 1000×837}}pit_20051020_sm (56k image)

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Multiviper sortie

Had a great sortie tonight with Rincewind, Rainmaker and Burnzoire on a night strike in the Multiviper server. Nine MK82s bang on target in pairs with 50′ spacing. Boom.
Rincewind flies a cool Akers Barnes Cockpit, his site is here.
heart all a-flutter, taxying to go
taxi (25k image)
look at that formation! 140 knots and still glued to the wing! sweet!
formation_takeoff (28k image)

feedback for VAAF EECH review

Please post your feedback on the VAAF review of the new community EECH exe. Keep it objective if you can :)

offset popup bombing

Found this very cool bombing technique with help from “wothan”. Tutorial here and the calculator here.
easy peasy japanesey
offset_popup (70k image)


I tell you, nights like this one are what it’s all about. First up I had seven VAAFies in my server which gave the poor old girl a headache but was good fun. However, the thing that really topped the night was a sortie in the MultiViper dedicated server. I think we had about 9 pilots in the air, over 2 packages and 6 flights.
Myself and Frug were assigned to an OCA strike – a long way from home in a very hostile environment. There were MiGs all over the place from the word go and we ingressed low level with 2 big jugs of fuel to try and stay out of their scopes. It wasn’t to be for our flight though, as we lost one of the two strike-configured aircraft to a MiG-21 before I managed to down him with a Slammer. That left us with only one with bombs – me – and two runways to strike. I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and settled for an intention to nuke one runway really well rather than trying to go back for a run at the second. “One pass, haul ass”.
About 5 miles from the IP, 500 knots and at 200 feet on TFR, I was bounced by a pair of MiG-29s. Those bad boys knew their stuff, getting 3 missiles in the air at me – a mix of ARH and IRs – and forcing me way defensive with my air cover either far ahead or far behind. I still don’t know how I evaded those missiles as I’m normally a total muppet at missile evasion, but I was trying out some new techniques; strobing my jammer, dumping flares and chaff and performing high-G maneuvers down in the weeds.
Fortunately they didn’t get a second shot as the travelling circus caught up and downed them. All I had to worry about then was the SA-7 site at the IP! He got one shot off but as I was low and fast (and dumping junk) he missed me.
The ingress from the IP to the target was a little off-centreline, so I had to quickly adjust to track down the centre of the runway. I got my 6 Durandals off in a good profile – 300′AGL, fast and level. I still swear I set them for 900′ spacing, but they all seemed to cluster in the first half of the runway. Maybe it’s a 12,000′ runway! I’ll have to check.
My egress didn’t seem to make much sense as it tracked over a very angry search radar, so I shot back close to the target for a BDA (6 smoking craters!) and egressed the way I came.
The egress was heart in mouth stuff, with SU-30s and MiG-29′s trying to get a shot at me. However, I was receding from them at close to 600 knots, so they obviously decided to… leave me to their buddies patrolling over my HOME AIRFIELD! I couldn’t believe it – I’d fenced out and turned my lights back on, and was already under ATC control when 2 more MiG-29s bounced me. Again, figuring it worked last time, I headed for the weeds, dumped what was left of my countermeasures, dropped my tanks and pulled some hard Gs while strobing my jammer. It worked again! My office stopped beeping at me and, as I saw a couple of Patriots streaking skywards, I expect I know the reason why I didn’t hear from those MiGs again…
I gingerly called ATC for vectors again, this time leaving my lights off, my radar on, and my ECM on auto just in case. It turned out to be unnecessary as I greased the finest landing I have ever made in F4:AF. Close to the threshold, no bounce, centreline. Beautiful, and a fitting ending to a heart-thumping mission.
All in all we dropped the airbase to 50% operational capacity, which means I torched the 1 of 2 runways I bombed. The other sorties achieved their missions too and we advanced the re-take of South Korea just a little bit more.
Tonight was truly a reminder to me of why combat flight sims are the most enjoyable form of entertainment on the PC. My brain was going flat out for 90 minutes, stretching every little bit of knowledge, analytical skill and fine motor skill that I possess as taut as it would go. Splendid.

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