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weekend summary

What did I do this weekend? Well, I mounted the PlasmaV2 on an aluminium plate with 2 terminal blocks, to compensate for it only having 2 ground pins for 30+ active pins on the button block. I’ll wire each ground to a terminal block, giving me a total of 24 ground points. Good start.
I also made and attached my gear handle. It’s skanky (of course) but it works and it’s spring loaded. There’s a few more additions I need to make, but I’ll take some photos of the WIP and post them when it’s finished.
Fatboy60 from the VAAF is also building a pit – an F/A-18E. Check out his super bug blog at Blogger.


Here’s the pit today, before the weekend’s work. Let’s see how much I can do before Sunday night. Physical challenge!
so much more to do, but yet so tits to fly in
pit_20051125 (49k image)

great, great site

Wow – a bit of digging on google found this site showing hundreds of airfoils by the aircraft that use them. I was able to determine that the Tiger uses the German Research and Development Establishment for Air and Space Travel DFVLR DM-H3 airfoil inboard and DFVLR DM-H4 airfoil outboard. Now to find a data file that shows the airfoil profile.
Check out The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage

the X-Tiger

Here’s a shot of something I’m playing with – I’m building a Eurocopter Tiger in X-Plane 8.20. This is the basic fuselage shape from Plane Builder.
The flight model still needs a lot of work and it’s pretty much uncontrollable right now, but I’ve got most of the numbers I need so we’ll see how we go. It’s a long-term WIP so I’m not rushed.
x-tiger_001 (11k image)

iceman – the later years


warning label generator

I’m not sure if it’s strictly helpful for the pit, but it’s quite cool. Check out the warning label generator.
warninglabelsm (26k image)

gear back panel done

Here it is in all its glory. You can see the gear lamps fitted, the hole for the gear lever (under construction) and 5 of the 7 switches installed. I just need a couple more toggles to complete it, plus the painted perspex front plate.
totally bustin’
gearpanel_assembled01 (62k image)
While I’m at it, my good friends at Make:Blog have a good tutorial for cutting square holes in sheetmetal. The stepped drill bit (unibit) you can see in one of the photos is the absolute shizzle for cutting holes for switches. Mine is, as of today, one of my most prized possessions.

converting a DPDT on-off-on toggle to on-on-on

Well here’s my dilemma. I’ve got these tits mil-spec switches from eBay, one of which i want to use for my flap switch. The flap switch needs to send UP, HALF and FULL signals to the PlasmaV2, so I need an on-on-on toggle, but the switches are only on-off-on. Something has to give. So, I figured with a little bit of electronicky goodness, I could fake the centre position to bridge a signal to ground on the Plasma. Here’s how I did it (in theory – it’s only built in the circuit simulator so far):
The DP3T switch is not represented in my circuit simulator, so I’ve used 2 DPDT. The switches in the diagram can either be left on right off, both off, or left off right on to simulate the 3 possible positions of the DP3T toggle. The 4 rails at the top are the 3 +ve and 1 GND rails from the PlasmaV2. When a +ve rail is shorted to ground, the Plasma picks it up as a specific button press. One each for FLAP UP, HALF and FULL. The 5V and 0V rails on the left are a standard 5V supply from a PC PSU molex – they are used to power the relay in NC mode, switched through the other half of the DP3T switch.
ononon-1 (19k image)
In the first pic you can see the left half of the 2xDPDT (representing up on the DP3T) is closed whilst the right half is open. The first PlasmaV2 signal wire is shorted to ground, sending FLAP UP to the PC via the PlasmaV2. Crucially, the other pole powers the relay, which is Normally Closed – opening the circuit and preventing the second signal wire from getting a current.
ononon-2 (19k image)
In this pic you can see the “virtual” DP3T in the centre position, which with a standard DP3T would be off. However, as neither “on” input is powering the relay, and the relay is Normally Closed, the circuit for the second PlasmaV2 input is complete and the FLAP HALF signal is sent.
ononon-3 (19k image)
This is similar to the first case – the relay is powered so signal wire 2 has no current and signal wire 3 is shorted to the PlasmaV2 ground to send “FLAP FULL”.
Easy peasy japanesey!

gear panel template

Looks like I’ll go with this. Very similar to the viper, though with the addition of the TAIL WHEEL switch from the Tiger.
gear panel layout
gearPanel (46k image)


I’ve started screwing in the switch panels on the left hand side. I’ve also rigged up a brace for a gear/flap panel to the left of the left hand MFD. I have a hard time cutting the aluminium as the jigsaw makes a hell of a racket, so I can’t do it after wee man is in bed. Which pretty much means I can’t do it on weekdays as I don’t usually get home until after 6pm :(
Anyway, here’s a nice shot of me and bigtonka ingressing to a deep strike in Serbia, me 100′ off the water and tonk close behind.
rupAndTonka (26k image)

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