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I must apologise for the lack of progress lately. Believe me, nobody is keener to progress the pit than I, but I have been engaged the the exclusion of almost everything else (including food, sleep and personal hygeine) for the past six weeks in renovating the front half of my house. The ceiling stripping, the plastering, the spacking and the sanding are finally done, and the paint is halfway. The new ceiling lights are in and the ducted aircon goes in on monday week. The new furniture (there goes my xmas bonus) is sitting forlornly in its shrinkwrap in the garage, keeping my sadly neglected pit company until the painting is finished.
My next steps will be to finish the wiring of existing components and start on either my compass instrument or my SSOH FAIL/Master Caution lights. I have been doing some cogitating on the possibility of building an HSI, but have some technical issues to overcome involving cable windup before I do that. Still, wouldn’t it be tits…
I’ve also followed with interest the debate on frugs and viperpit about using a modified cockpit.dat file, a 1600×2400 resolution spread across 2 monitors, a pair of webcams and a second computer to drive my MFDs. It’s been done successfully, but would (at the moment) require me to dance with BMS again. Come on Lead Pursuit, show us you care…

F4:AF problems

OK here’s the list of current F4AF problems and the latest theories about their cause and resolution:
- Teamspeak lock-on transmit bug: Some sort of combination bug involving the X52, F4AF and TS. PF works fine. Hoping that disabling DirectInput in TS fixed it.
- Random reboots: heat. Hoping that pulling a side panel off and in future pointing A/C at it will fix. Anecdotal evidence supports.
- Various X52 problems: either dodgy X52 or old/new driver conflict. Try uninstalling and cleaning all old drivers out then reinstalling with CD drivers.

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