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A kiwi bloke, an aussie bloke, a beautiful woman and an old lady are in a train carriage. The train goes through a tunnel and, in the dark, a loud SLAP is heard. When the train emerges from the tunnel, the kiwi is holding his cheek, which has a bright red hand mark on it.
The old lady thinks to herself: “I bet that dirty kiwi tried to grope the beautiful woman in the tunnel and she slapped him”.
The beautiful woman thinks to herself: “I bet that kiwi tried to grope me in the tunnel, but he missed and groped the old lady and she slapped him”.
The kiwi thinks to himself: “I bet that bloody aussie tried to grope the beautiful woman in the tunnel, but she though it was me and slapped me”.
The aussie thinks to himself: “I can’t wait for another tunnel so I can slap that bloody kiwi again…”

Apologies to the many bloody kiwis I know…

update on AF bugs

The Teamspeak bugs appear to happen mostly after I have either a) been flying PF and then fly AF without rebooting, or b) encounter AF bugs, shutdown AF and restart AF without rebooting. Solution – every time I close a simulator or encounter any wierd sim bug, I reboot. TS problem mostly goes away.
I’ve had no more crash reboots since I started pulling the side off my PC during flying time. Heat.
I’ve not tried reinstalling the old X52 drivers yet as the HOTAS bugs seem to be dropping off. Time will tell.

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