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MFDs online

The pit now has 2 PCs driving it. I added a salvaged AMD 2.4 with two video cards to run the two 14″ CRTs and I now have 3 screens running! One of the two video cards is a TV card too, so I can watch telly on an MFD while I’m flying! Sweet…
I’ve also finished a headset adapter for the pit, so I’ll be moving my DC set out there. It’s still a wee bit quiet, so I’m hoping to get a little amplifier for it. Waiting on my contacts at Jaycar to recommend one.


{{popup coward.png coward 800×337}}My final words to Nem, [administrator] of the soon to be very different VAAF.
I might have a rant about this later, but for now I’ll just say I’m very disappointed for all the members of the VAAF. If anyone feels I’ve exacerbated the current situation, I apologise to them with this caveat: if a school burns down it’s the fault of the person who lit the fire, not the person who shouted “FIRE” and tried to fight it.
Anyway, see you in IRC. Which I own, so there won’t be any funny business with dictators and machinations.

latest pics

pit_0506_01 (29k image)

pit_0506_02 (45k image)

pit_0506_03 (47k image)

headset adapter

AHSA_01 (24k image)
I tested it tonight with my David Clark H10-60 and it is great with both headphone and mic crystal clear. On the laptop the headphone attenuation means I have to turn it up a fair bit, but it might be better on the game rig and in any case a little mono amp would be easy to make.
I’ll probably post a HOWTO at some point, but in the meantime I’m going to be selling these if you want one. Email me ( ruprecht[at] ) if you’re interested.

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