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carrier quals – screenshots

A few nice screenies from tonight’s carrier quals in various aircraft.
{{popup 74SY_Goshawk01.jpg 74SY_Goshawk01 1024×651}}The DSB T-45C Goshawk in the groove
{{popup 74SY_Pinkie.jpg 74SY_Pinkie 1024×768}}Getting ready for a “pinkie” in the Tomcat
{{popup 74SY_RAN412.jpg 74SY_RAN412 1024×768}}Approaching the boat in the Hovercontrol 412 with RAN skin
{{popup 74SY_Tomcat01.jpg 74SY_Tomcat01 1024×768}}South Sydney from the Big Cat
No photoshopping – straight from the sim. Nice eh?

the tomcat in sydney harbour

I’ve been mucking around with carrier operations in FS2004 lately. I’ve managed to figure out how to put an aircraft carrier with working cats and wires in Sydney Harbour. It’s very cool.
on downwind, the boat and the coathanger in the distance
{{popup downwind_sm.png downwind_sm 1024×574}}downwind_th (160k image)

master caution / SSOH

I had an hour or so free on Sunday so I did some work on the Master Caution / SSOH panel circuitry. I’m using a PIC16F628A and a couple of 12V integrated lamp/SPST momentaries with transparent bezels. The first step was getting the PIC to initialise with both the lamp pins active, driving the lamps through a couple of BD135 NPN transistors configured as switches. I got this sorted fairly easily, though the in-circuit programming doesn’t seem to work and I had to lever the PIC chip out of the circuit to program it. Next chance I get I’ll try and figure out what’s wrong with the ICSP.
Next step is to write the firmware to allow cancelling of the SSOH FAIL light by pressing the button. I just need to configure a pin as an input and debounce it.
The circuit as it stands now is here: {{popup MCSSOH_0-2-0.png MCSSOH_0-2-0 1008×778}}MCSSOH_0-2-0

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