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Although this isn’t really pitbuilding related, building the Skanky CupHolder Ipaq Thingy did use valuable time that I should have spent building the pit, and it used leftover materials from the pit. So it’s kinda relevant. Anyway, this is my blog, so I’ll post whatever I want on it. Next week: tabs for Nana Mouskouri songs.
OK, back to the SCHIT. I got a shiny new HP iPAQ HW6965 this week, with a built-in GPS. The only dashboard mounts I could find were quite expensive, so I decided – as is my wont – to make my own. Some leftover aluminium plate and bar, some countersunk bolts and nyloc nuts, some rubber bands and one old pool hose attachment later, behold the SCHIT.
glorious in its skank
schit1 (18k image)
Basically I marked out the outline I wanted on 1mm aluminium plate, cut it with a jigsaw (use a special metal-cutting blade), filed and sanded, bent in the vice and drilled the strut mounting holes. I needed to tweak the bends a little to get them right, but it fits like a glove now. If I had my time again, I would have made the “toes” a little longer to properly grip the iPAQ.
rear view – note shinyness
schit2 (23k image)
The strut was made from a short length of aluminium bar. It took a few tweaks to get the angle right, and it still needs to be a bit more vertical, but this is just the prototype. Bolted to the plate with countersunk bolts and nyloc nuts so the vibration doesn’t loosen it.
top view – into the guts
schit3 (64k image)
The base was made from an old pool hose attachment. I wanted it to fit neatly to the specifics of my cupholder, so if you do this make sure it works for yours. The PVC is easy to work with a stanley knife – the washers on the mounting bolts prevent the plastic pulling through when tightening the mounting bar.
SCHIT in my car
schit4 (30k image)
Here it is, mounted in the cupholder. Look at that SCHIT! It has one rubber band to hold the iPAQ on, and another to hold it tightly in the cupholder.
iPAQ mounted in the SCHIT with a handy-dandy rubber bandy – get me there, Mr T!
schit5 (33k image)
Now with the iPAQ mounted and the car charger fitted, you can see it in action. Quite the sexy bit of kit eh? Easily reached from the driver’s position and up nice and high both for visibility and good GPS satellite reception. On a test drive it had 5 bars the whole way – no probs at all with satellite tracking.
The Mr T voice plugin for TomTom 5 is super cool. I pity the fool that doesn’t follow his instructions!
view from the driver’s seat
schit6 (22k image)
Sum total: $0. Nada. Everything came from leftover crap in the garage. Now my garage has slightly less leftover crap in it, and the car has a handy iPAQ dashboard mount. The world is in balance – I am Zen.


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the B200 Super King Air

I’ve been learning to fly the B200 Super King Air lately. It’s a fast, complex twin turbine and quite difficult to master. I’m nowhere near mastering it, having just tonight done my first reasonably confident VFR leg from Maroochydore to Oakey. I had to switch to an IFR flight plan later and got vectors to the YBOK 14 ILS due the broken cumulus over the range. Lovely ship though.
6500 AMSL over Kilcoy (click for larger)
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