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another USB controller and other kit

The Precision Joystick Controller BU0836 – though I have to wonder with shipping and the currency conversion, you might be better off just going to Harvey Norman, buying a cheap joystick and ripping it apart. You get the buttons that way too! Still, glad to see more devices in the market.
CH Hangar are showing off their new Multi Function Panel (MFP) – at US$190 it looks like a reasonably cost-efficient way to implement an ICP. Worth a look, though I’m wondering how configurable it will be.


I replaced the SCHIT in the car with a commercial version because a) it was safer, b) it enabled it to be positioned better and c) I found one. Not to worry though – the SCHIT didn’t go to waste. I now have SCHIT in my pit.
look at that SCHIT!
schitpit01 (33k image)
right, who put SCHIT in my pit?
schitpit02 (32k image)
The main reason is that I’m getting hooked on GPS/moving map apps on my iPAQ. The best apps so far have been PocketFMS and OziExplorer. I’m currently trying to hook PocketFMS up to FSX so I can have a glass cockpit on my iPAQ. Cool.

nice pit

CH-146 sim

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