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headset panel

As I’ve recently repaired my Aviation Headset Adapter and fitted it to a panel, I thought I’d better make a textplate for it.

I had so much trouble with the perspex on the gear panel that I’m going for masonite this time. I figure it will be much easier to work and as I’m not planning to backlight any of the panels, perspex is an unnecessary ballache. I’ve also given up on Letraset as it was expensive and also a ballache – so this time I’ve designed the panel in Photoshop, am taking it to Harveys tomorrow to get it printed on photo stock and will glue the print to the masonite with spray adhesive. If it doesn’t wrinkle and looks OK, it’ll do.

headset panel – note caution text to fill in empty space :)
headsetPanel-01 (17k image)

things to do

There are only five months until the Oz Flight Sim Expo and it looks like the VAAF will be involved. It also looks like I might be taking the pit down for it!
So there are a number of things I need to do before then. Here’s my current list:

- Fix the headset adapter (underway), mount it on a panel (done) and build a second example for sale demo (or kit instructions)
- All over paint and aluminium trim (underway)
- add patches (done)
- Front rig enclosure with fan (underway)
- Right monitor console maintenance panel (done)
- Right console outer panel and trim (done)
- Right console aluminium plates (underway)
- MFD shrouds (underway)
- additional switch panels (needs X-Keys or GammaRay)
- Pimped-out lights (needs ElectronFlux or Phidget)
- cable tidy (underway)
- new rig :) and configure sims

nice to haves:
- slide-out keyboard tray (underway)
- build RMI (underway)
- overhead enclosure (underway) with gas struts?
- helo controls (underway)
- fix SSOH (underway)
- wire PC power switches and HDD LEDs into a panel
- pen/torch holders
- seat arm switch (underway)
- throttle panel (underway)
- sidestick panel
- lights in footwell

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