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Simpits files

file repo here, including dimensions:


I rewired the plasma as the original wiring was a bit rushed and my parkbrake switch had broken a ground connection. It’s now all neat and tidy with colour-coded heatsink, and as a bonus the emergency stores jettison pushbutton is now hooked up too. I originally accidentally installed a push-to-break (NC) switch, but as my stores immediately pickled every time, I soon cottoned on to what was happening and replaced it with a push-to-make (NO) switch. It’s all good now.

Bit of a sortie in MultiViper tonight; had some issues with my TFR auto-disconnecting every 30 sec or so (any ideas?) and think I might have been overweight taking off with 2 jugs and 6 durandals, as the bird struggled to get airborne and I had to eject before I impacted the perimeter fence. I jumped into the wingman for an OCA strike but got taken out by AAA at the IP (stupid auto-generated IP right over an enemy town). Second sortie in a CAS mission, got 6 ground kills and a greaser landing. Nice way to finish.

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