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oh… yeah.

ICP awesomeness
ICP01 (32k image)

Peter Thomas VERY kindly lent me his replica ICP for OzSimCon. This puppy is truly awesome and I simply can’t wait to hook it up to Falcon. Thanks Peter, you’re a gent. The only problem is that now I want one too and my skanky homebuilt one will just never be the same!

as easy as… ABC

Looks just like the balsa model, except… well… exactly 10 times the size!
abc_01 (45k image)

fits just like a bought one
abc_02 (50k image)

news on OzSimCon

Well – real life has caused much in the way of interruption for OzSimCon preparation. As a result, it looks like I won’t be taking the big pit down. However, as my backup plan, I am building an Akers-Barnes portable cockpit and will be modifying that to take my ACESII. So it will all fit in the scooby and I will have a ninja uber-ABC instead of a crappy half-finished skankpit.

The ABC is a doddle to build – to spec. But in order to fit the ACESII, I need to essentially a) raise the whole thing by 200mm and b) widen the whole thing by 80mm – with associated adjustments to almost every part. Bonzer. So I built a balsa mockup to compare with the 1/10 scale ACESII I built way back in the day.

the ABC mockup (well, half of it) on the left comparing heights. Note pen tube substituting for metal pipe :)
comp_long_s (27k image)

comparing length
comp_side_sm (31k image)

I’ve already ajusted the ABC 80mm (scale) wider so it would fit
comp_wide_sm (28k image)

this is how far the seat will need to sit below the ABC to put the bum-back interface at the same point
fitted_elev_sm (21k image)

black pen line inside the right side shows you the line of the original ABC seat. This is lined up with the same seat line on the ACESII
fitted_int_sm (27k image)

200mm higher and it will be fine
fitted_side_sm (23k image)

a couple of things I noticed about the stock plans – any thoughts on why?
questions_sm (31k image)

… and as if by magic, a few hours later, a modified version which slots together nicely. At this point I ran out of balsa :(
fitted_mod_sm_notes (48k image)

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