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photos from the expo

the boys setting up. From left: Divot, Hazard (I think), me, OzCougar, Killer
setup_1 (29k image)

The Simkits stand
tour_1 (34k image)

The AweSimulation racing rig – truly awesome
tour_2 (46k image)

The SimworX stand – racing, jet and helo cockpits
tour_3 (32k image)

The Orbx stand with Awesimulation in the background. Orbx had a huge curved screen with HD projector showing off FSX with the new Vista Oz scenery, it looked fantastic but a little out of my price range!
tour_4 (22k image)

Looking into the expo from the entrance. Viper’s Nest is in the centre behind the SimworX stand
tour_5 (41k image)

The boys getting some flying in. During our display sorties, Divot flew the tanker and had various views up on the projector (with labels on for the benefit of the civvies) while either Loophole or Hazard spruiked to the crowd. It was very effective and great entertainment, especially when the action got intense as the crowd could watch the bombs come off and the missiles shoot off the rail and either cheer wildly or groan as appropriate
boys_1 (40k image)

me waiting to taxi in my new ABC pit – note Peter’s ICP (I’m in love with it I’m afraid!)
rup_1 (49k image)

… and more waiting to taxi
rup_2 (52k image)

One of the many kids who really enjoyed flying the pits in the downtime between sorties
rup_4 (37k image)

Rup and TJ going for a fly
rup_3 (29k image)


Useful reference for USB programming: The HID Page

Oz Flight Sim Expo

… early photos:

expo1 (29k image)

expo2 (55k image)

… and for the motor racing fans – 4000W of sound system with a chair and wraparound screens:

racing1 (45k image)

the end of the unipit?

It’s a potentially sad day. I finished building my ABC+ (the + means it is modified to accept my ACESII) for OzSimCon and the missus saw it. We looked at each other and knew exactly what the other was thinking – in my case “oh no, this takes up much less room than the unipit” and in her case “hey – this takes up much less room than that big pit thing!”.

So the suggestion was floated. Would I consider decommissioning the unipit in favour of the ABC? I must admit it’s kind of tempting. The seat angle and other ergonomics of the ABC+ are much nicer; it is easy to take to LAN’s, I can modify various bits to cater for different sims (e.g. a modular collective for the left strake) and it even looks nicer than the unipit.

Still… :(

the usurper
abcplus_back (50k image)

front view
abcplus_front (62k image)

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