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progress on the ICP

Finished soldering all the buttons and switches tonight. Now for the ribbon cables – 3 lots of 34 wires to solder (board end, board cable end male D37 and GammaRay end female D37). Everything works fine according to the multimeter test. We shall see when it’s all hooked up…

deliberately slightly blurry to hide my awful soldering
ICP_fini_back (60k image)

and the front all neat and toidy
ICP_fini_front (72k image)

the ICP schematic

thanks to ExpressPCB for the software. Green traces show the underlying perfboard rows, with breaks to be made in the black gaps. Red traces are wiring on either side of the board. I go through so many experiments with routing these boards that a schematic like this really helps.

Prize to anyone who finds a bug!

{{popup icp_board_1.gif icp_board_1 870×691}}icp_board_1_sm2 (60k image)


Work has begun in earnest on the ICP. As much as I want a realistic looking one, I have to accept that the cost is simply unjustified. However, having all the parts already for a homebrew jobbie, the cost is $0!

The hat switch caused me some consternation, but once I resolved to hack apart my old CH Flightstick Pro, the cost issue went away. The rest is cheap Jaycar tactile switches, which will eventually have plastic keys (possibly salvaged from a mini keyboard) glued to the actuators. I expect the surround plate will give me some heartache cutting out, but that is a while off.

Now: soldering and wiring for the GammaRay.

{{popup ICP1_lg.jpg ICP1_lg 800×539}}ICP1_sm (47k image)

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