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another nice pit link

Jytte’s Sim Pit

new site

Read tonight about thanks to MikesFlightDeck.

Interestingly I randomly came across a post there which stated the following:

Rumor has it that there is a New Australian Company Call Digital Simulation Services Australia (DSSA), who are producing the following products. Bell 206b III, 412, 429, Longranger, BK-117, Agusta 109 series, Robinson R22 / R44 / R66, AS350, EC-120, EC-135, Piper warrior, Cessna 172 & 182.

Might be one to watch.

3d model site


new gear and lights/elec panels

The gear panel as it was took up way too much room and unfortunately occupied some space that will be required for the left MFD. So, I cut it in half :) I made a new faceplate for it and mounted the cutoff panel lower on the left aux console. I also added a lights/misc elec panel for GA aircraft (with one concession to the F-16 – the master lights switch).

Both faceplates use my new method:
- measure available space
- design in photoshop and print on photo paper
- cut and drill aluminium baseplate using design as pilot hole template
- cut rough faceplate from white-coated masonite
- spray glue design to rough faceplate
- spray matte varnish to seal design
- drill and tidy up with Dremel/hobby knife
- mount and wire

Wiring is done too, and thanks to the excellent FSUIPC, all the switches are mapped to their appropriate functions in FSX. A minor problem with the ALT modifier being grabbed by the “menu display” function, which is a bit of a PITA. Working on that.

gearlightselec (72k image)

the MFDs

So this is the design for the new MFDs. I am basing them on PSOne screens. I’ve loosely modelled it on the F16 MFD, but have added rotaries at the bottom left and right to accommodate the KA-50 ABRIS, and an extra sixth MFD button left and right to take advantage of the extra screen real estate offered by the 4:3 PSOne screens. the F16 MFDs (square) will simply be placed on the lower part of the screen, possibly with the DED/PFL on the top part if it will fit and if I can get that to work.

mfd1 (46k image)

Fits nicely in the pit but I’ve had to relocate the gear panel to do so. That is fine as I was planning to make some mods to that anyway. Photos of that to come.

So for the MFDs, the plan is: 1: mod a screen until it works 2: design and etch a PCB for the 22 buttons, 2 rotary encoders and 2 rockers 3: assemble and test. Hope to have at least one, preferably both ready for the airshow.

more links

TriggerHappy69′s KA-50 cockpit thread – awesome. He’s doing some really novel things and getting me all excited about Black Shark.
OpenCockpits modules – I like the PnP multi radio stack.
mec switches

XY table

MyToolStore – Proxxon XY table. Maybe for Father’s Day???

the yoke

As the missus has (finally!) indicated she’d like to get her flying training started, I thought it was about time to get the GA yoke and throttles set up into the pit. They’ve been sitting in storage for awhile and I thought I may as well give her the proper GA experience.

yoke under the ICP and “basic 3″, throttles on the left set up for a twin. Click for larger
{{popup yoke_lg.jpg yoke_lg 786×635}}yoke_sm (64k image)

Of course, first thing I did was blast off in a Baron out of Redcliffe and pull an engine on climbout. It was surprisingly hard – I’ve always read how hard asymmetric circuits are, but in a Baron which doesn’t have a huge margin of power at full fuel weight, I had a hard time keeping above the stall. Didn’t help having my gear and flap levers out of commission either, and trim not yet set up on the yoke! Still, I got it around and onto 25 with only one small bounce, even remembered my mayday (though is a single engine failure in a twin usually a pan-pan?) and to ease off the rudder as the throttle came back over the threshold.

You’ll also note I’ve mounted the Simkits ASI and have left provision for an AI and ALT, though will hopefully build those rather than buy. Space on the left and right for MFDs and a DED. The grey box will mount the ICP when the finger guard and buttons arrive.

Overall the yoke flies nice and, apart from being a little far back to accommodate the X52 stick, it’s nice to have the GA throttles as well. We’ll see how the missus goes!

the BetaInnovations box

BIBox in action
BIBox (52k image)

Finished work on the BIBox last night. Essentially it’s a plastic 3RU rackmount case containing the Plasma and the GammaRay boards, with room for an ElectronFlux in the near future. Each pin on the input blocks for the cards will be wired 1-1 to a D-sub on the front panel (you can see that the ICP is plugged into a D37, which is wired 1-1 to JP1 on the GRay). This makes disassembly and transport simpler.

I do however need to rebuild the gear panel now as it’s not really BIBox compliant! Thinking of cutting off the gear and flap section and re-mounting that seperately, then redoing the other switches in a more compact format.

ICP wiring really finished this time

One was a dead switch, the other a broken wire. 15 minutes to fix (luckily had a spare tactile switch around in the bits box) and she works a charm. Loverly.

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