I’ve been doing a bit of work on the quiet lately, getting my ICP ready for the fascia to arrive from the States. This week, it did. And now…

my very own. yeah baby.
pit200808_icp (45k image)

It all works really well, apart from the arrow rockers. I actually used rocker switches on the circuit board when I initially built it, as I had not originally planned to use the commercial fascia, and with the commercial fascia I really should use two tactile switches for each rocker. So, only the up arrow works on each rocker. That should get me by for awhile until I can jimmy up something (the FLIR rocker actually isn’t used at all in AF, and the waypoint rocker rarely is used to go back a steerpoint).

So here’s the current state:

board her, sir
pit200808_left (52k image)

left side view
pit200808_leftq (84k image)

overhead view
pit200808_overhead (91k image)

right side view
pit200808_rightq (94k image)