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for the doubters…

There’s your photo. It happened :P Click for awesomer.
{{popup multi_lg.jpg multi_lg 1280×904}}multi_sm (51k image)

… of course, the fecking thing runs at 10FPS. Now for the tweaking…

third screen…

Couldn’t help myself – the third screen went in tonight. ten bucks of steel square pipe from Bunnings, a few bolts and a fair bit of nervous drilling. Sorted.

that should hold it…
pit_20090127_03 (32k image)

Coming together eh?

pit_20090127_01 (47k image)

pit_20090127_02 (41k image)

just because it is so useful

Tom’s Hardware Graphics Card Hierarchy

ABRIS buttons working

Got the ABRIS button bar working tonight. The rotary encoders were a bit of a PITA, as they recognised fine in notepad but BS didn’t recognise the keystrokes. Adding a 250ms “hold down” has made a difference, but BS still only recognises every third or fourth detent while notepad recognises every single one. Got the latest firmware and software too, it’s got me buggered. And with BetaInnovations now defunct, there’s not much chance of support :(

Still, it is completely awesome working the ABRIS on a separate screen with dedicated and working buttons. So now:

- Finish mapping the X52
- Finish mapping all switches and the ICP/PVI-800
- Learn how to work the weapons
- Build my collective

Much work ahead.

ABRIS working

It took a little bit of messing about, but I got the ABRIS and Shkval screen working. It’s a shame it only seems to work without fullscreen, and with a virtual resolution of 3728×1050 (1024 wider than I actually need). Haven’t benched it yet, but it’s probably fair to say that the 8800 Ultra will struggle with a Triplehead2go (at a virtual 5888×960!).

Single screen @ 1680×1050: 1.8 megapixels
Single 1680×1050 + ABRIS 1024×768: 3.9 Mpx (because it actually forces you to use a 1024×768 area left AND right of the main display, even if you’re not using one of them)
Triple 3x1280x960 + ABRIS 1024×768: 5.7 Mpx

To put that into perspective, I need to be able to push 2.5 times full HD (2.3 mp) at minimum 30fps with reasonable level of detail. SLI? Looks like I’ll need a PC upgrade before the expo.

big fat oprah tits
oprah (61k image)

and with the new button bar, still to be wired
abris_buttons (39k image)

the ABRIS screen

Relocated the keyboard and added a 15″ LCD for the ABRIS.

you know you want one
pit_abris (66k image)

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