Less than 3 months to run until the expo, so back into the Black Shark. Have forgotten pretty much… everything.

Spent most of tonight re-mapping keys and joystick mappings to get everything to work right. I’ve got a lot of panels to build if I really want to be able to play seamlessly. Trying to hit the DataLink or Targeting Control Panel, even the autopilot, with the mouse when flying manually in combat just sucks.

An overhead would be nice, and would give me back a lot of panel real estate that I’m going to lose to the collective. Hmm.

The audio mixer works well, enabling me to mix 3 audio sources (game audio, teamspeak comms and ipod) into one set of headphones and, without changing cables, direct all 3 out to the 5.1 speakers as well if desired. Good for expos.

Working on the PitManager software also, a little Visual C# .Net app that will broker connections from any sim out to any instrument. I see it working on a publish/subscribe basis, so the data feeds (LuaSocket etc) “publish” their data, and any instrument can “subscribe” to get that data.