There’s a better than average chance I’ll be getting a TN Gaming 3rdSpace Vest for Fathers’ Day this year. Yep, my family rocks. So, I’m figuring out how to connect it to Black Shark via the SDK that’s published on their site.

Now unfortunately the SDK is supplied as a C/C++ .lib and header, and there is no .dll. With my new-found C/C++ knowledge (keep in mind I have never touched either language before yesterday) I’ve discovered that I can’t call the .lib directly from C# .Net, the language that my PitManager is written in. So, after a ton of late night googling, I discovered a number of sources including this, this and particularly this which have helped me get at least to the point where it seems that the API is returning me an error code.

It really brings it home to me that the syntax, which is often the thing that software language teaching focuses on, is the least of your problems when learning a new language. I’ve got a long background in Java and I’m developing a decent understanding of C# .Net, but the concepts of building a Win32 C/C++ .dll are just completely alien to me, despite the syntax being reasonably comprehensible.

Anyway, rant over. Next steps: completing the exported wrapper API and the Lua interface to DCS, and then awaiting the arrival of my vest, hopefully to a successful test on sunday!